vi 밖에서 파일이 변경되었을 때 
아래와 같은 경고메시지가 나오는데,
W11: Warning: File "CMS.20100528" has changed since editing started
See ":help W11" for more info.
[O]K, (L)oad File:

아래와 같이 설정하거나
:set autoread 

.vimrc 에 넣어주면

경고메시지가 나오지 않고 바로 load 합니다.

vi help 내용
'autoread' 'ar'         boolean (default off)
                        global or local to buffer |global-local|
                        {not in Vi}
        When a file has been detected to have been changed outside of Vim and
        it has not been changed inside of Vim, automatically read it again.
        When the file has been deleted this is not done.  |timestamp|
        If this option has a local value, use this command to switch back to
        using the global value: >
                :set autoread<

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